Friday, January 9, 2015

Are you free all day or a few hours a day? You don't know what to do with your time? Here are some ways to kill time at the same time gain some knowledge and wisdom.

1. Shark Tank:
This is an American TV show that you can watch on youtube. In this show there will be a panel of entrepreneurs who are called the Sharks, who will listen to proposals from people with business plans and start ups. If they are impressed with the plan, they will invest their money getting some percentage of the company in return.

            Watching this not only helps you learn about what new products and ideas are coming up but also some business terms and the business angel of every product you use. It isn't not an education show; it has entertainment to a greater extent.

Watch one sample episode and if you like this kind of show, go ahead and watch all of them.
Dragon's Den is the UK version of the same program but I am not impressed with the dragons as each of the Sharks are wonderful in their own way.
2. TedX Talks
If you want some ideas and motivation you can watch Tedx talks on youtube. TedX is an organization that hosts motivational talks by people from different walks of life, who have achieved in their respective fields. The talks are about various things ranging from successful business to staying happy or learning to be confident.
            This show helps us stay motivated and also teaches us different ways to see the same thing. Improves your lifestyle to a greater extent.
This is one example video for you to understand if this is your kind of thing.
3. Zumba:
You can try and learn Zumba from the online tutorial. This is fun at the same time helps you lose a few pounds over a period.
4. Blogging:
            You can start a blog. A blog is not restricted to writing. Most people think that they have to be a writer to write blogs. There are different kinds of blogs: Food blogs, travel blogs, parenting blogs, technology, book review blogs, movie review blogs or even personal blogs. You can start one and write whatever you want.
5. Do it yourself (DIY)
Try doing some craft work that will help you reuse junk at home. For example you can google how to reuse a torn socks. You will get hundreds of ideas including using it for the legs of your chair to prevent marks that they create on the floors.
Hope this post was helpful. I will get back to you with a post on how to start a blog soon. Thanks for reading. To get regular updates like my facebook page below. 

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